200mcg Goblin’s Den (self-laid, 99% pure Aztec crystal)


Any perceptual experiences can involve an impression of rippling or breathing sparkling shades, items and textures, colorful designs beneath bleary eyes (excellent memory visuals)

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200mcg Goblin’s Den (self-laid, 99% pure Aztec crystal)


200mcg Goblin’s Den (self-laid, 99% pure Aztec crystal),

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Any perceptual encounters can include an impression of undulating or breathing shimmering shades, things and surfaces, bright plans underneath blurred eyes (phenomenal memory visuals), a mutilated view of length (time seems to move, recreate itself, speed shift or quit), crawling conceptual plans superimposing surfaces as well as different relics, and changing things.

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Making of unsettling influences like adjusted sounds or foggy vision, etc.
Unusual understudy’s condition.

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