Buy Brown Rice Flour (BRF) Jar – Mushroom Substrate Online


Buy Brown Rice Flour (BRF) Jar – Mushroom Substrate Online


Buy Brown rice flour (BRF) jar online, pre-sterilized mushroom substrate in a half-pint (8 oz) myco jar. Popularized by the PF Tek, BRF substrate jars have proven to be an excellent growing medium for many different mushroom species. Each one of our BRF jars is filled with a homogeneous mixture of sterilized organic brown rice flour, vermiculite, and distilled water. The mixture is topped with a thin layer of dry vermiculite that functions as a barrier to contaminants. The jars are sealed with a metal myco lid which features an adhesive 0.22µm filter patch for gas exchange and a super-heavy duty self-healing injection port that makes inoculating jars virtually foolproof. Each jar comes individually wrapped in protective foil which keeps the lid’s surface dry and free of contaminants until you are ready to inoculate with your spore syringe or liquid culture.

To use, simply remove the protective foil from the top of lid in a clean, draft-free area. Then push the sterile needle (use a new sterile needle or flame sterilize if not new) of your spore syringe through the orange injection port as far as you can. Then, inoculate 1-2cc of spore or liquid culture solution into the brown rice flour jar by slowly depressing the syringe’s plunger. Remove the needle and replace its protective cap for future use.

Once your BRF jar has completely colonized with mycelium, you can birth it to your preferred fruiting chamber (i.e. a monotub). After birthing, the empty myco jars can be washed and reuse


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